Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Romance: Ranking the Ones I Read Part I

Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Romance

Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Romance 2

Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Romance 3

These are the nominees in the Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 in the romance category. I’m suprised that apparently I read a lot of popular romances in 2021. I read 12! I’m currently reading Neon Gods and I got The Love Hypothesis recently on Libby, so I’ll definitely read those two before the end of the Opening Round.

I dnf The Road Trip, I wasn’t enjoying the audiobook so I stopped listening to it at 15%. I might’ve felt differently if I was reading it on Kindle or a physical copy, but I don’t know if I’ll go back to read it. While We Were Dating, The Charm Offensive and How to Fail at Flirting weren’t on my radar but all of them sound interesting. The Heart Principle and Seven Days in June were both on my radar, but I won’t get to any of them before the winner is announced.

So let’s rank the 12 books I read from the bottom to the top. This is a subjective ranking, purely based on my star ratings and overall enjoyment.


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We reached my top 4! I rated these 4 books 5 stars. I loved every single one of them. And apparently I can’t rank them. I would vote in any of these in a heartbeat.

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I won’t decide in which one I’ll vote yet, because I’ll finish reading Neon Gods soon and I’ll also read The Love Hypothesis before the opening round ends (November 28th). I’m going to update this post on part II as soon as I finish reading both of them.

I think it’s the first time ever I’m so indecisive about my top #1 in the Goodreads Choice Awards. If I had to pick right now, I would probably vote for The Spanish Love Deception. But I would probably change my mind 5 minutes later. These four are SO good! I would be happy if any of them won.

Any other romances that you think should’ve been on the nominees? What are you top 4 romances released in 2021? Have you voted or decided in which one you’ll vote? Share your thoughts with me in the comments.



10 thoughts on “Goodreads Choice Awards 2021 Romance: Ranking the Ones I Read Part I

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  1. Lmao, I’m terrible—I’ve only read ONE of these (Neon Gods) but I loved it! I started How to Fail at Flirting right before a reading slump so I never finished it BUT I really enjoyed what I read! I think I read 60% in one sitting cos I couldn’t put it down. Defo wanna get back to it! Sad to see you DNF’d The Road Trip! I enjoy O’Leary’s books but I’ve seen some mixed ratings about this one.

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    1. About The Road Trip, it might’ve been the audiobook or something. I might pick up the ebook sometime, idk. It’s very hit or miss with the Goodreads awards, because it’s just a popularity contest. I was surprised by how many I’ve read in the romance category. I only read 1/2 books in the fantasy (adult and YA) categories… 😐 Lots of them are on my TBR, so I might do a ranking anyway in 2022 if I end up reading a few. I enjoyed Neon Gods! Super entertaining but I did want a little more from it. Hades was a DREAM, though! 😀


  2. Glad to see someone else rank It Happened One Summer higher. I love the idea for this post and it is interesting to see how our rankings compare. You’ve definitely read a few that I still need to get to, so it’s good to know that they were enjoyable. 😀

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