2022 Goals

I'm finally sharing my 2022 goals! I've been a little undecisive about my goals until recently. Mainly, because I know I have a very busy schedule during 2022. These goals are very similar to my 2021 goals and are basically series/books/genres I want to read during 2022. General Goals: #1 - Read 5 SciFi books;... Continue Reading →

2021 Goals Wrap-Up

Here we are! A little late in January for my 2021 Goals Wrap-Up, as usual. In my last check-in, I had completed 9/12 goals. Let's see if I managed to complete all of them. Read 3 SciFi books or more; – Already completed in my last check-in. I've read 7 SciFi books in total in... Continue Reading →

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