December 2019 Wrap Up

I knew the minute I wrote my December TBR that I wasn’t going to read 7 books, but I’m a stubborn girl so of course I didn’t correct my monthly TBR and obviously I didn’t read it all, I only read these 4:

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Ninth House Leigh Bardugo

If you want you can check my reviews for The Weight of a Soul and The Lineup, I might post reviews for Darkdawn and Ninth House eventually too.

December is always a very, very busy month, so I knew it was going to be very hard to read everything I wanted. Oh well, I tried but when I wasn’t at work, I was picking up Christmas presents, decorating, spending time with my family, watching Christmas movies with friends, etc.Β  Anyway, I haven’t read The Starless Sea, Crooked Kingdom and A River of Royal Blood yet. I picked up Crooked Kingdom several times in bed but I was so tired that I ended up falling asleep. I guess these books would automatically be in my January TBR but I’ve been in a reading slump and I blame Darkdawn. Darkdawn was the last book I’ve read in 2019 and I loved it so freaking much that I can’t seem to pick up any fantasy book now, I laughed, cried, sobbed while reading it and I’m still hurting from all of it! It was a perfect ending for the Nevernight Chronicle and I think Jay Kristoff broke me in the process. Nevertheless, since I’m apparently broken for fantasy books right now and after two weeks reminiscing all the Darkdawn‘s great moments I thought that I might be able to pick up something Contemporary and I was right, I picked up Tweet Cute by Emma Lord, currently at 27% and I’m really enjoying it. I might be on track again! I haven’t had much time to post but I have a few posts up to write soon, like badmouthing 2019, sharing my 2019 modest stats and my 2020 goals (like posting more consistently). I hope y’all had a good time during the holidays. Feel free to share anything with me in the comments section.







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    1. Yeah, I really have to work on my delayed reviews. I tend to write on Goodreads: “Review coming soon”… but I’m lying to myself. πŸ˜‚I’ll try to post it this month. I enjoyed the concept and the story but the pacing… not so much. I’m still excited about the next book, I bet it’s going to be so much better!


      1. Haha, I was so behind on all my reviews, I’m only just up to date now, I think it’s a chronic problem! I worry about the pacing with Bardugo’s work because I hated how the Grisha trilogy was paced out, but I’ll keep an open mind!

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  1. I have Ninth House on my tbr for 2020, even though I gave up on it once (audiobook) but I was told that it would get better after the first 100 pages, and I think I put it aside before I got to that point. So let’s hope the second time is the charm.

    Tweet Cute was actually super CUTE and adorable. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the book as well. πŸ˜€

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    1. Ninth House is not an easy book, in my opinion it gets better after 150 pages, but the time jumps make the pacing a little off sometimes. I still enjoyed it though and I’m excited to keep reading the series.


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