September Wrap Up

I  wanted to post this even though it's a September Wrap Up posted in November. It's me, this is totally normal. Uh... Normalish...? September was a tough month. I participated in Becca’s Bookplathon, I decided to do 6 rolls, ended up to roll a double twice which meant I needed to read 8 books for... Continue Reading →

Becca’s Bookoplathon TBR & September 2020 TBR

Becca's Bookplathon is a readathon based on Becca's TBR game and it's basically a TBR board game, you just roll the dice and add a book to your TBR for each space you land on. There's also chance cards, community shelf cards and fun prompts. Here are all the resources if you're curious or interested and... Continue Reading →

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