2021 Goals Check In

Let’s see how my goals for 2021 are going. Read 3 SciFi books or more; – 0/3 Not going well! I haven't been in a SciFi mood in a long time. I want to read Starsight in 2021 though and I'm curious about some of Becky Chambers' books. So, I hope I'll eventually pick some SciFi... Continue Reading →

2020 Stats & 2021 Goals

LONGEST BOOK 803 pages       Average book length in 2020  333 pages   MOST POPULAR BOOK   1,277,729 people also shelved   LEAST POPULAR BOOK   254 people also shelved   My average rating for 2020 3.9   HIGHEST RATED ON GOODREADS    4.66 average     MY 2020 BOOKS        ... Continue Reading →

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