2022 Goals Wrap-Up

Let’s look at my 2022 Goals. In 2021 I managed to do a couple of check-ins during the year to see how my goals were going. Last year, I set my goals and didn’t look at them again. So, this should be fun!  🙈

  • General Goals:

#1 – Read 5 SciFi books – COMPLETED. I’m surprised to realize I read exactly 5 SciFi books this year;

#2 – Read 10 Mystery, Thriller, or Horror Books COMPLETED. I was pretty sure I completed this one, and I was right. I read 16 books across these 3 genres, which is less than in 2021. But I also read fewer books in total in 2022;

#3 – Read 3 Graphic Novels or Manga – COMPLETED. I read exactly 3 Graphic Novels. Kinda wish it was more;

#4 – Read 4 NonFiction Books (max of 2 memoirs)COMPLETED. That “max of 2 memoirs” basically meant I needed to read 2 nonfiction books that weren’t memoirs. I read 2 nonfiction books and 3 memoirs in 2022. I always lack the motivation to read nonfiction, so I’m happy with this one;

#5 – Read at least 40 books in hardback or paperback format – COMPLETED. I read 49 books in physical format: 28 hardbacks and 21 paperbacks. I set this goal to reduce my physical TBR and it’s working! This represented a little over 40% of my reading, which is great;

#6 – Complete Goodreads Challenge – 80 books – COMPLETED. I read 120 books in 2022.

  • Specific Goals:

#7 – Read the first three books in The Witchlands series (Susan Dennard) – Ok. Going downhill. 😅 I read the first book only. So, 1/3;

#8 – Read the first two books in The Stormlight Archive series (Brandon Sanderson) – I read none! I didn’t have the brainpower to pick up this series. 0/2;

#9 – Read the First Law trilogy (Joe Abercrombie) – I read the first two books and loved them! I wanted to pick the last book in the trilogy in December, but I didn’t have much time to focus on it so I decided not to read it then. I don’t want to rush through it. I’m aiming to read it in January or February. 2/3;

#10 – Read the Arc of a Scythe trilogy (Neal Shusterman) – Again, I read none. 0/3;

#11 – Read the first two books in the Last Hours trilogy (Cassandra Clare) – COMPLETED. Whoa, can’t believe I completed a specific goal. I read both books, and the second one was a little underwhelming. Anyway, I’ll still read the last book when it releases in January. 2/2;

#12 – Read books 4 and 5 in The Wheel of Time series – Again, I read none. I picked up The Shadow Rising (book 4) but didn’t finish it. I’ll need to start on page 1 when I pick it up again.  0/2;

#13 – Read The Shadow of the Gods (John Gwynne’s book) – COMPLETED. I read it and loved it! And read book 2 as soon as I got my hands on it. Obsessed with John Gwynne’s writing and the Bloodsworn Saga world. 1/1;

#14 – Finish the Stalking Jack the Ripper series (Kerri Maniscalco) – COMPLETED. I read the last two books in this series. Really enjoyed it. 2/2;

#15 – Finish A River of Royal Blood duology (Amanda Joy) – I only needed to read the last book, and I still didn’t pick it up. 0/1;

#16 – Finish These Violent Delights duology (Chloe Gong) – COMPLETED. Finished the duology. I enjoyed the first book more, but I liked the ending.

This didn’t go as badly as I thought it was going to. I completed all of my general goals, and 4 of my specific goals. In total, I completed 10 out of 16. I always set my goals to be achievable, which means I could’ve done better. Not brilliant, but I’ll take it anyway!!! 😂

How did your 2022 goals go?

Hope 2023 is kind to all of you!




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