September 2022 TBR

I was a little absent during the end of July and the whole month of August. I got sick for a couple of weeks, went on vacation to Spain still feeling unwell, and ended up staying in Spain for a few more unplanned days after I was finally feeling better. Hopefully, I’ll start blog hopping and posting more consistently from now on. I read a little more than in July, so that was good. I have a lot to catch up though, I haven’t even rated most of the books I read recently. 🙈 There are also reviews, wrap-ups, and other posts I need to get to eventually. Oh well, it’s going to be a busy September. 😅

As usual, in the last few months, the books on my TBR are my priorities during September, but I added other options, divided into two categories, on my “wiggle room” possibility books. I’m participating in Becca’s Bookopoly Readathon this month too and I decided to do 6 rolls.

First Roll (5+1)People – This is an easy prompt: 50 Ways to Win Back Your Lover

Second Roll (1+3)Dice Roll Roulette – I got 8, which means I need to read a book with 375-424 pages: The Darkening.

Third Roll (2+3)Summer – I associate Summer with easy, fun, beach reads. So, I chose a Romance: Book Lovers.

Fourth Roll (1+2)Favourite Setting – Even though it’s a fantasy series, the Shades of Magic series takes place on 4 different Londons. So, I chose A Conjuring of Light for this prompt.

Fifth Roll (4+2)Colour Wheel – I got Purple on the wheel: Violet Made of Thorns.

Sixth Roll (6+5): Winter – (Can’t believe I haven’t got a single double! Woohooo!) High or epic fantasy big books remind me of winter. I’m going with The Blade Itself.

Here’s my September TBR (9 books – the first two were on my August TBR but I didn’t start either of them):

60224475  56898076  

60484535. sy475    

    60822440. sy475  

The “wiggle room” possibility books

Kindle/Physical copies combo

56239501. sy475   58950705  48705157. sy475  

58986334. sy475  57558144. sy475   42769202 17699855. sy475

  9329354   539392

 Might Become Available Soon on my Library/Libby

53056522  45885644  57628810  50225678   57693439  36509935. sy475    

What are you reading this month?  Have you read any of these books?




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