August 2022 TBR

August is a magical month! Because it’s time for the Magical Readathon: Orilium Autumn Equinox 2022. I need to complete 6 classes/prompts for my calling (Mage Hunter). So, my priority during this month is to read the 6 books I picked/will pick to complete my classes. I decided to have multiple options for 3 of the prompts.

I also want to read 4 5 other books, that I couldn’t read for the readathon because I couldn’t fit them in or I just wanted to read a different book for that specific class/prompt. I might use one or two for the readathon quests if it’s possible.

My official August TBR is 10 11 books. I have a lot that I want to read besides that, but like I said before, I usually read less during July (I read half of what I wanted to read in July, I blame the hot weather and the pool!) and August. I still added a few options below, just in case I need to mood read or if I manage to read the 10 11 books in my TBR.

Magical Readathon: Orilium Autumn Equinox 2022 TBR

D in Spells & Incantations

  • O: Spell – Recolour – Use a colour wheel and pick a book with that colour.

I got orange on the color wheel and considering the only two options I had on my TBR, I chose The Traitor Queen. It seems orangey enough to me. The other option was Dune… not sure I’m up for it during August.

50719471. sy475

  • Q: Incantation – Echo – Find someone else’s TBR and pick a book

A lot of people were sharing their TBRs on the discord group channel, so I just picked a book shared there that I had on my July TBR but only managed to read 50 pages. I need to know what’ll happen in the last book of The Prison Healer trilogy!

50882394. sy475

  • D: Hex – Tonguetie – Annotate this book.

I’ll finally read Piranesi! I loved Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and I can’t wait to read this one.

50202953. sy475

Q in Conjuration

  • O: The Foundations of Necromancy – Book with Necromancy themes.

For this prompt, I have some options. I think all of them fit the prompt.

42201547. sy475  29396738. sy475  3217221  39208021. sy475

  • Q: Tales the Bones Tell – Bone on a cover or in the title.

For this one, I want to keep my options open too. So, I can pick any of these. Can you tell I really want to read Locke & Key Vol. 1? 🤣

3217221  286075  37648365. sy475  56666839

O in Restoration

  • O: Object Restoration – A single object as the focus of the cover.

This one wasn’t an easy prompt. I think both of the books I have here fit the prompt. I need to read The Shadow Rising. But it’s long, so there’s a chance I’ll end up not finishing it in time. I might just read Wicked Beauty for this one.

539392  58945351

Other books on my August TBR

60224475  20764879  55512738. sy475

56898076  55457493. sy475

The “wiggle room” possibility books

Kindle/Physical copies combo

60484535. sy475   56239501. sy475   60305800. sy475   60822440. sy475

58986334. sy475  40538764. sy475 57558144. sy475  42769202

58950705  9329354  17699855. sy475   48705157. sy475

 Might Become Available Soon on my Library/Libby

53056522  45885644  57628810  50225678  58988426  57693439  36509935. sy475   56920684

What are you reading this month?  Have you read any of these books?



Edit: I wanted to read The Man Who Died Twice and forgot to include it here when I first posted. I edited the post to include it. My official TBR for August is 11 books. 🙈

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  1. Such a great TBR, Andie! I thankfully only have to read five books for the readathon but I’m looking forward to going back to Orilium! 😍 I see so many here that are also on my TBR and I can’t wait to read them too. I hope you have an awesome semester and a great month of reading! 😉


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