Blog Tour & Review: Love, Comment, Subscribe by Cathy Yardley

Today, Love, Comment, Subscribe by Cathy Yardley is out! Check out the gorgeous new romcom and grab your copy today!

Love, Comment, Subscribe by Cathy Yardley

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: October 1, 2021


Back in high school, Lily Wang wanted to be popular, but she considered herself lucky to be part of a tight group of oddballs and honors students called the Nerd Herd. Now, at twenty-eight, she feels like she’s finally on the cusp of succeeding as a beauty influencer—if she can hit five million subscribers, brands will take notice and she could get her own makeup line.

Fellow Nerd Herd alum Tobin Bui has had a lot of success as a YouTube gamer. But the road to online stardom has been rocky. First, he disappointed his parents by dropping out of college, and now, after years of pranks, skits, and playthroughs, he’s struggling to come up with new content to satisfy his ever-growing fan base. His agents say he needs cross-audience appeal, a new twist.

When Nerd Herd frenemy Lily approaches Tobin about teaming up to do a video to bolster her brand and reinvigorate his, he agrees. But when their first collab video goes viral, their relationship heats up too. With the whole internet watching, will these two former misfits finally realize they’re perfect together?

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Lily is a hard-working, very driven beauty YouTuber. She’s struggling with her content and she’s fighting hard to get more subscribers and fulfill her dreams: getting a palette in collaboration with a great brand and ultimately getting her makeup brand. She’s willing to do everything she can, even collaborating with her high school frenemy: Tobin. 

Tobin Bui is a very funny, creative, gamer YouTuber. One of his videos went viral and he’s struggling with the pressure of posting funny content regularly. On top of that, his parents keep telling him he doesn’t have a real job and he should go back to college. When Lily contacts him, out of the blue, and asks him to do a series of videos with her, he doesn’t think it’ll work. He thinks she’ll probably kill him… but he ends up giving in.

I had so much fun while reading this book! I watch YouTube almost every day, mostly beauty and booktube channels and I also love gaming, so I was super excited about Lily and Tobin’s romance. It starts slow, but as soon as Lily and Tobin start making videos together… their chemistry is off the charts! I loved these two together, their banter, the way they complement each other, their obvious attraction, they were so, so, so sweet together. I also enjoyed the representation, the details regarding a content creator’s work and schedule, the importance of mental health, and how essential it is to stop and take a break. 

The conflict, near the end, was a little predictable and I was a little disappointed in Lily’s reaction. Not too much, though, considering it made sense for her to react that way, but Tobin was so sweet… I wanted her to react differently. Fortunately, Lily came to her senses very quickly and I loved how she chose to apologize.  

Love, Comment, Subscribe was a fun read! It was sweet, cute, entertaining with unique, fantastic characters and steamy moments. A perfect slow burn, frenemies-to-lovers romance. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.


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Cathy Yardley is an award-winning author of romance, chick lit, and urban fantasy, who has sold over 1.2 million copies of books for publishers like St. Martin’s, Avon, and Harlequin. She writes fun, geeky, and diverse characters who believe that underdogs can make good and sometimes being a little wrong is just right. She likes writing about quirky, crazy adventures, because she’s had plenty of her own: she had her own army in the Society of Creative Anachronism; she’s spent a New Year’s on a 3-day solitary vision quest in the Mojave Desert; she had VIP access to the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Now, she spends her time writing in the wilds of East Seattle, trying to prevent her son from learning the truth of any of said adventures, and riding herd on her two dogs (and one husband.)

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