Did I read my Summer 2021 TBR?

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Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

The Unbroken by C.L. Clark

The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni

Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

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Scythe by Neal Shusterman

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

Paper Girls Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan

Heartstopper Vol. 2 by Alice Oseman

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Take a Hint, Dani Brown and Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan


Whoa, this didn’t go well at all. I’ve read 5/11. My July and August’s TBRs weren’t very successful. I didn’t read as much as I thought I would during Summer. I didn’t force it either, mostly because I was busy jumping in the pool every chance I got. Even though I’m reading a lot these past few weeks I still haven’t picked up any of the books from my Summer TBR yet. Fortunately, the books I read were 4 or 5 stars and I enjoyed them all. Prison Healer was definitely my favorite! I’m curious about how my Fall TBR is going to go. I’ve been reading a lot but I’ve noticed I have a tendency to read less during the last 3 months in the year.

Have you read any of these books? Are any of them in your TBR?





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