48 Hour Becca’s BookoplAthon Wrap Up

I decided to participate in the 48 hour Becca’s BookoplAthon unexpectedly. Honestly, I knew I didn’t have much time for it but I started watching the first live reading sprints and couldn’t resist. 😂 I needed to study and had other stuff to do during the weekend, so I basically only read in the afternoon and at night and it felt so good! I didn’t even knew I needed this kind of weekend! It was fun to read and watch the live reading sprints. Here’s what I read:

Prompt 1: Dark Cover

Prompt 2: Fantasy

I combined the first two prompts and I’ve finished The Great Hunt. I started it before the readathon but I still had 311 pages to finish it. (311 pages)


Prompt 3: POC Rep

Promp 4: Contemporary

I combined these prompts too. I read I’ll Be the One and I looooved it! (336 pages)


Prompt 5: First Book in a Series

Fence seemed like a great choice for this prompt. It has been sitting on my shelves for a while, it was short and I was looking forward to read it. (112 pages) 

36373825. sy475


Prompt 6: Chance Card (Use a random number generator to select a book from a list with a even mix of books you want to read and others you’re less excited about) – I only considered books on my shelves.

I selected 3 books I really didn’t want to read during the readathon (Master of One, A Dark and Hollow Star, Prince of Thorns), 1 book I didn’t mind reading (Queen of Nothing) and 2 books I wanted to read mainly because of the page count (Lumberjanes and My Beyjing). I didn’t get lucky but it also wasn’t bad considering the other two books that I didn’t want to read had way more pages.

My options were: 1) Master of One; 2) Lumberjanes; 3) Queen of Nothing; 4) Prince of Thorns; 5) A Dark and Hollow Star; 6) My Beyjing

And the random number generator was… 4! (399 pages)


Prompt 7: Set in Present Day

I started Lore before the readathon but I still had 258 pages to finish it. (258 pages)


Prompt 8: Other (Book from a Genre You Don’t Typically Read)

I don’t typically read Graphic Novels so I decided to pick up Lumberjanes. (128 pages)

22554204. sy475


I read 1.544 pages during the weekend… and I don’t even know how I managed it. I had a great time! If I had to pick a favorite book I’d pick I’ll be the One, I loved it! Next would be The Great Hunt and Fence.

What have you read this weekend? Have you read any of these books?



P.S.: The image in the post was created by Becca for the 2020 Bookoplathon Board.


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