Review: My Best Friend’s Royal Wedding by Romy Sommer

My Best Friend’s Royal Wedding by Romy Sommer

Release Date: January 29, 2020

My Best Friend's Royal Wedding by Romy Sommer


Cocktail waitress Khara Thomas never expected to trade the dazzling lights of Vegas for European aristocracy but as maid of honour in the royal wedding of the decade she’s forced into an unexpected spotlight when her best friend marries a prince.

Luckily for Khara, gorgeous but infuriating best man Adam Hatton is happy to show her the ropes. Khara knows Adam’s entitled rich guy type but as their connection grows she realises there’s more to this playboy than meets the eye. And when she learns his royal secret? She might just find that fairytales do come true… 


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I was hoping for a cute royal romance when I picked My Best Friend’s Royal Wedding but it wasn’t what I expected and I was disappointed.

Khara was a waitress in Vegas, she was working hard to pay for her tuition and she was invited by her best friend, Phoenix, to be her maid of honor because Phoenix was marrying a prince.

Adam was a selfish douche, he was a rich guy that for the first time in his life was facing a hard choice in the midst of his best friend’s wedding, Max, that invited him to be his best man.

Honestly, I disliked Khara and Adam for the first half of the book or maybe even longer, I definitely didn’t warm up to Khara. She was so annoying, she kept judging everyone mainly because they were rich even before she set foot in the events or talked to people. I kind of get that she was used to see a lot of self entitled-grabby-drunk-rich guys going crazy in Vegas but she kept being judgy and whiny for most of the story, I can’t even recognize any self growth through the whole book, unless I count the fact she did give in to one of these guys she kept judging, Adam of course, but if that was supposed to be her growth… I don’t think it makes any sense so I’m not counting that. Adam was a selfish douche through most of the story but he was actually owning his flaws, he was perfectly aware of his way of life, he was mainly bored with it but he wasn’t interested in changing anything in his life. I didn’t really like him for most of the book but I actually liked his inner conflict about a choice he needed to make and I think that was the main reason I ended up enjoying the book. Adam had a lot of self growth during the story, even though it does take a while until we actually see it, I still enjoyed it. As a result of not liking the characters for most of the story, I didn’t care much for their chemistry and romance.

Overall, I enjoyed the setting, the pacing and how Adam’s character growth was done, so it ended up being an okay read.


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  1. I had very similar thoughts to you on this one. Khara was intensely annoying and judgemental and Adam owned up to his snobbish ways… but it still wasn’t the light and fluffy royal-trope romance I had been expecting (and wanting!). Great review!

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  2. I ended up DNF-ing this one because I couldn’t get into it. I’m kind of glad I did, because it doesn’t look like it would’ve gotten any better for me. I am happy you were still able to enjoy it, though.


    1. If it isn’t your cup of tea, maybe it’s best you don’t take a chance on it. But I don’t know, sometimes we are surprised and end up enjoying a book more than we thought. 🤷‍♀️ This just ended up not being so great to me mainly because of the characters and I think I’ve been a lot less tolerant with judgy characters lately which might have influenced my review. 🤔


      1. Ah I have been too! I just mentioned this replying to your comment on my review for Bone Criers Moon. But I actually picked up Darling Rose Gold after and wound up giving it 5 stars because it was so amazing. My review is live if you wanna see if it’s something you’d be interested in


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