Sims-a-thon Round 2 TBR (October 1st-31st) – Wrap-Up

Sims-a-thon Round 2 was a read-a-thon that happened from October 1st to October 31st, here is my post about my TBR. I ended up reading everything that I planned and I managed to fit one more book into one of the prompts, I’ve read 8 books, 3.244 pages in total and ended the Sims-a-thon with 33 points (points for each prompt completed + 1 point per book). Honestly, it’s not an amazing score but for the first time EVER I managed to follow a monthly TBR which is a big deal for a mood reader like me, so I’m very happy about that. Also, I’m very behind with the reviews though and I’m not so happy about that but what else in new?

Create-A-Sim – Read a first in a series (5 points) – Completed

29975820. sy475

                                cup  cup cup cup cup

Check my review here

Build a house – read a book set in another world (3 points) – Completed


                                     cup  cup cup cup 

Check my review here

Interior Design – read a book with a pretty cover (2 points) – Completed


                                cup  cup cup cup cup

I loved Sorcery of Thorns so much! The setting is perfect, there’s magical grimoires and libraries and I enjoyed every word of it!

Get a Job as an Athlete – read a book featuring sports (4 points) – Completed


                                 cup  cup cup cup cup

The Play is my favorite in the Briar U series, I loved Hunter and I wasn’t exactly expecting it to even like him! It’s the perfect slow burn college sports romance! I really hope that this isn’t the last Briar U book because I’m already missing these characters.

Get a Job as an Writer – read a book by a new-to-you author (2 points) – Completed


                                     cup  cup cup cup

Check my review here

Make a Friend – read a book that features friendships (3 points) – Completed

46130620. sy475

                                     cup  cup cup cup 

Crew Princess wasn’t exactly what I expected which was good. Bren changed a lot in this book, Tijan gave us a lot of character development with Bren but this wasn’t a five star read for me because I think the first half of the story was a little off. Can’t really pinpoint exactly why, maybe I just needed a break from Bren’s thoughts for a little bit. Anyway, Tijan brought it all together in the end which made it a solid 4 stars for me.

Get a Promotion – read a book you think will be 5 stars (3 points) – Completed


                                  cup  cup cup cup cup

I’m definitely reviewing Nevernight, I hope I manage to write the review this month. I’m obsessed, obsessed with Mia’s story and utterly in love with Jay Kristoff’s writing skills. Yes, EVEN the footnotes, sorry guys but it just works!

Fall in Love – read a book with a romance element (3 points) – Completed

44262397. sy475

                                    cup  cup cup cup 

Meghan March’s cliffhangers are always EPIC! I actually like the revenge trope, so I liked the plot. The only “but” here is that I’ve been on a strange mood with insta-lust/insta-love lately and well… it happens in this story, usually it doesn’t bother me however like I said I’ve been a little intolerant with it recently. It’s still a solid 4 star.

What about you guys? How was your reading in October? Feel free to share your wrap-up with me in the comments section.



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