Social Media #3

Honestly, I don’t know why the hell I’m trying so bad to get on Facebook. Because guess what? It happened again! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about read my previous rant here). This time they’re not asking for my ID which is progress I guess, they’re asking for a pic: “Please upload a photo of yourself which clearly shows your face.” So, I sent a pic of myself with my face clearly visible and annoyed.

Is this really necessary? All I did was to create a profile, a page and I was starting to get in groups, liking other pages (authors, blogs, etc). I’m not using my profile to add friends or posting pics because those features don’t interest me (I have Twitter, thank you very much, Instagram for pics and when I want to talk to my friends I use IM or my iphone or Skype!), so I’m not using everything Facebook has available. Is that against their policy? I don’t think so!

I have no words for this. But apparently I am not alone, check out this thread I just found on Reddit. It seems Facebook does this to a few users repeatedly. Sigh.

So now, I have to wait for Facebook to check my photo (I don’t know what that means but ooook) to be able to log in, hopefully, to my account again.

Oh, and yeah, I do know why I’m trying to get back on Facebook: to participate on authors groups, to watch authors live videos (Twitter has this feature but most authors prefer Facebook for this), to interact with other similar pages (the information is kind of all there so it beats Twitter in this aspect), to enter in Giveaways that lots of authors host on Facebook, etc. I did realize that some authors and publishers post more on Facebook than on any other social media sites. And now… waiting. I’ll share what’s happening as soon as there are any news.



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  1. HOLY COW! I have no words this is just crazy. I’d be annoyed too. Honestly I hate that FB is the most used platform. I agree with you I prefer twitter and IG.

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    1. Yeah, I really hate that, mainly because I love Twitter. And there’s no platform like Instagram for pics!
      There’s several authors that prefer Facebook, I mean even on their tweets they redirect to the author’s Facebook page. Giveaways, Groups and Live Videos are features that 90% of the authors I follow use on Facebook. Well, let’s see if they’ll give my account back. This time I’ll make some noise about this ridiculous situation. :-/

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      1. I hope they do. I know! I was off FB from Jan-April this year and it was so hard to do anything with just twitter and my blog since, like you said, 90% of authors use FB for giveaways, promos, and all of it.
        They better listen this time!

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