Social Media #2

A few months back, I wrote a post about how I surrendered to Facebook. I was really excited about it but then after a few months, everything went south. For reasons I still don’t understand, Facebook deactivated my account and of course my page also disappeared. When I went to investigate how to get my account back, they requested my identification to reactivate it. I was speechless. My ID card to reactivate a Facebook account? REALLY? Honestly, I didn’t want to share my ID card with Facebook or any other social platform or anyone on the freaking internet! My previous experience with Facebook was non existent and I actually created a profile for the first time exclusively for the purpose of creating my blog page. Maybe that was exactly the main reason my account got deactivated, my personal profile just sat there untouched and maybe they thought that was weird, I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ve been sitting on this for a few months, mostly angry because I’ve already discovered groups (author groups and PR groups are absolutely amazing), my page was finally edited with the proper links, posts, etc and I found so many content that authors share mostly on Facebook. And today, since I was actually missing it, I decided to create a new account. No, I didn’t reactivate my account, I’m sorry for being crazy like this but I don’t share my ID card (unless a cop asks!). So, new account: I’ve created a new personal profile (that will remain untouched just like the one before, I prefer to use twitter), I created the page for my blog and now I’m editing and liking pages and so on. It’s still raw, like I said I have very limited experience with Facebook but I’m getting there. I’m also praying that this time, Facebook doesn’t deactivate my account for reasons unknown!

I’m slowly building everything up again and I have to ask you a huge favor! Could you please share your Facebook page with me in the comment section so I can like all your pages again? You don’t have to say anything at all, just link your page! Oh well, if you think I am absolutely crazy, you can call me crazy and link your page!



P.S: Oh, and here’s my page link… again!

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      1. Thank you! It doesn’t show? Really? Is that normal? My Facebook page like didn’t show up on your total likes count, so I liked with my personal account. Don’t know why too. I really don’t get some (or most) things on Facebook. But there’s lots of giveaways and authors groups that are totally worth it and that’s what I’ve been missing the most.

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