Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Hard Rock Sin by Athena Wright


Hard Rock Sin by Athena Wright

Release Date: May 2, 2017

Series: Darkest Days #3




Cameron Thorne has had a starring role in my fantasies for years.

But the sinfully hot rock star, known for his wild parties and lady killer reputation, is the bassist in my brother’s band. And I know my brother. He’ll kill Cameron if he looks at me twice.

Which means the two of us will never be more than friends.

Only… Cameron keeps staring at me like he wants to throw me on his bed. He keeps licking his lips like he’s thinking of tasting me.

Cameron wants me too.

We know there will be hell to pay. I’m his bandmate’s little sister. But neither of us can fight it.

This rock star god will do anything to keep me.


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“Lily…” His voice was pained. “You don’t know how much I…” His eyes fell to my mouth. “…how much I wish you just were just a normal girl.”

All the air left the room.

“But this?” he continued. “This can’t happen.”

My heart sunk. I looked down, not meeting his eyes.

“I get it. I’m Noah’s baby sister. You can’t betray his trust.”

“It’s not just that,” he muttered. “I can’t fucking do this to you.”

“Do what to me, exactly?”

“You go speechless whenever you see me without a shirt,” he said with utter patience.

I flushed, understanding his meaning. “Oh. You mean, because I’ve never…?”

He gave me an almost wry smile. “Don’t you know your first time is supposed to be special?”

“Are you saying it wouldn’t be special with you?” I gave him my best teasing smile, trying not to waver. “And here I thought you prided yourself on pleasing the ladies.”

He shot me a look. “That’s different.”

I shifted closer, until I was practically pressed against him. “How is it different?”

“I’ve never—” He snapped his jaw closed, looking frustrated.

Understanding dawned on me. “Have you never been someone’s first before?”

“No.” He ran a hand through his sweat-dampened hair, looking exhausted. “At least, I don’t think I have.” He glanced down at where my hand rested on his chest. He traced the back of my hand with the tip of his finger. Heat radiated from that single point of contact, sending nervous excitement flooding through me. “And I’ve never…”

I leaned closer, bringing our faces closer together. “Never what?”

His eyes dropped to my lips again. I wet them unconsciously. He shut his eyes with a groan. When he opened them, they were full of fire.

“I’ve never wanted to be someone’s first before.” His eyes were still focused on my mouth.

“I want you to be mine,” I said softly. “I don’t want anyone else. I want it to be you.”

I mustered all the bravery I could. I wrapped my arms around his neck, until my breasts were pressed to his chest.

“I want you to teach me. I want you to teach me everything.”

“Fuck.” His eyes blazed. “I told you. Don’t say shit like that to me.”

“Or what?” I challenged. “What are you going to do?”

He placed his hands on my hips, thumbs rubbing the sensitive skin exposed between my tank top and skirt. A spike of heat hit my gut like a blow, nearly taking my breath away.

“This is such a bad fucking idea,” he murmured.

Pushing his hair away from his face with both hands, I met his blue eyes. They were burning with need. I stood on my tiptoes and leaned forward, until we were inches away.

“I want you, Cameron.”

I could practically sense the moment he snapped. The pupils of his eyes dilated, blowing wide open. Cameron let out a low grunt.

“Fuck it,” he growled.

He closed the gap and pressed his lips to mine.

Fireworks exploded across my vision.



About the Author


Athena Wright is a USA Today Bestselling author of New Adult Romance. She has a fondness for rock stars and the girls who tame their wild hearts. Athena loves to write characters who are not always what they seem.

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