Book Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway: Meant to Be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

Today we have the blog tour for Lisa Marie Perry’s Meant To Be Mine! Check it out and grab your copy today!!

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Meant to Be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

Release Date:  August 30, 2016

Series: Guilty Pleasures #1

Publisher: Forever

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Loving him was hard. Wanting him was so damn easy . . .

Sofia Mercer may have been sick as a teen, but she’s no delicate flower. And she’s proven it by making it on her own and starting a new life away from the town that turned against her, away from the boy who broke her already fragile heart. But when her aunt Luz dies unexpectedly, leaving Sofia with a mountain of regrets and the keys to a quirky boutique, Sofia has no choice but to return to Cape Cod. Only, this new life in her old town comes with complications.

Burke Wolf was Sofia’s first love—a relationship that burned bright and went up in flames. Seeing him again, Sofia can’t help but get caught up in that all-too-familiar tornado of passion and pain. He’s battled his own demons—that much is clear. But Sofia can’t afford to be careless with her heart . . . and loving Burke again might just break it completely.


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Mmm, and there it was again. That impressive flannel-covered back. What if he smelled as fresh as clean cotton? Or, better yet, as comforting as hot chocolate? A tiny step forward and Sofia might be able to sniff this guy.

Sniffing strangers in gas station convenience stores was a social no-no. She shouldn’t do it. She wouldn’t…

She did. Jutting out her chin and closing her eyes, she inhaled the scent of…tangerine incense.

She smelled of tangerine incense. There’d been bundles of incense sticks burning during Luz’s service.

“I’d let you stay there with your nose in my back, but I should get this ice to my boat, Sofia.”

Sofia opened her eyes to find him watching her over his shoulder. Beyond the sexy scruff of a beard, mussed brown hair, and hard-edged gray eyes was—trouble. “Burke?

She’d let Burke Wolf fade into her past years ago. She’d muted their teenage conversations in her memory, had convinced herself to ignore the sharp rush of heat that rode her at just the thought of him. So why couldn’t she remember the reasons she’d walked away, instead of wanting something she shouldn’t?

Be my Burke again—just for a second. Make me laugh. Touch me anywhere. I need something…

Burke didn’t seem to register the pretty smile the blonde clerk had waiting for him as he took his receipt, stepped aside, and said, “I’m going to take some of the weight off.”

Stunned, she said nothing as he transferred the snacks and dog food cans to the counter.

“I was at Luz’s funeral,” he murmured. “I hung back, left early…”

She nodded as though she understood, but she didn’t.

“The last time we talked,” he said, catching her eyes with a look so heavy it pinned her, “you were covered in spaghetti sauce.”

It hadn’t been her most charming moment. Or his. The man was as much a part of the best of her as he was the worst of her.

Which was exactly why she wouldn’t launch herself into his arms. They weren’t friends anymore.

“Now I’m covered in rain.” Sofia focused on the clerk scanning and bagging her loot. The crunch of the ice as Burke shifted the bag to one side didn’t warn her. Nor did she notice him ease a step or two closer.

His fingers gently worked beneath her collar to grip the nape of her neck. They were cold from the ice, but she and her tightening nipples didn’t care.

She was clinging to what she found in his touch, arching into it because he was comfort and arousal and danger swirled into one drugging combination.

“I’m sorry, Sofia.”

“About Luz?”

“Yeah. Everything else—let it stay where we put the stuff we don’t want to talk about.”

Sofia pried her gaze off the clerk, stole a glance at him. “It’s crowded there, you know?”

Fuck.” The swear was soft, but apparently loud enough for the herd behind them to grunt in offense. Stroking her neck, he said, “I know, Sofia. Damn it, I know.”

“Let me go.”

            She was sorry when he did. But she had to survive this day standing in her own two rain-soaked stilettos—not depending on Burke Wolf to hold her up, no matter how tempting trouble could be.


About the Author

LMP_Author Photo_March 2016_color large_OFFICIAL.3

Lisa Marie Perry encounters difficult fictional men and women on a daily basis. She writes sizzling, deep fiction featuring flawed heroes brought to their knees by the love of complicated women. She has received high praise from USA Today and has been nominated for an RT Book Reviews literary award. She lives in America’s heartland, drives a truck, enjoys indie rock, collects Medieval literature, watches too many comedies, has a not-so-secret love for lace and adores rugged men with a little bit of nerd.


Find Lisa Marie Perry online:

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