New Releases – Week of May 10, 2016

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dear_heart_i_hate_you_by_j_sterling  the_ending_i_want_by_samantha_towle  cross_by_cora_brent  pushing_her_luck_cover

a_summer_of_secrets_by_alice_ross  love_emerged_by_michelle_lynn  the_rule_book_by_jennifer_blackwood  below_the_surface_by_elizabeth_lee

rush_by_shae_ross  rekindled_by_cj_mckella  silent_hearts_by_melissa_west  troublemaker_by_linda_howard

along_came_mr_right_by_gerri_russell  mayday_by_olivi_dade  stout_by_georgia_cates  glitter_on_the_web_by_ginger_voight

wrong_place_right_time_by_elle_casey  danger_sweetheart_by_mary_janice_davidson  honor_me_by_chelle_bliss  falling_under_you_by_laurelin_paige

bound_to_you_by_shawntelle_madison  make_me_feel_by_beth_kery  his_to_love_by_stacey_lynn  crave_me_by_m_robinson

the_debt_by_tyler_king  a_tempting_friendship_by_kylie_gilmore  hollow_by_teresa_mummert  unrivaled_by_alyson_noel


Later this week: Available for Pre-Order

hetch_by_river_savage  the_nearness_of_you_by_sareeta_domingo

Most Anticipated This Week

Dirty Little Rendezvous by Emma Hart

Dirty Little Rendezvous by Emma Hart

Series: The Burke Brothers #5

Release Date: May 10, 2016



Sometimes the past becomes the present… And he’s hot, cocky, and British.

Leila Burke expected a lot of things when she joined her brothers on tour in Europe. He wasn’t one of them.
Jase Masters had no idea what to expect when he agreed to support Dirty B. on tour. She definitely wasn’t it.
It’s been eighteen months.
He remembers that night a little too well.
She insists she has no idea who he is.
He’s rugged and determined.
She’s wild and free.
Together, they’re a tornado.
Keeping it from touching down is the least of their worries.

(Dirty Little Rendezvous is a spin-off of The Burke Brothers series, but can be read as a standalone.)


Order The Book at:  Kindle  Nook  kobo  ibooks

Happy reading!


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