Book Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway: Rock Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell

Rock Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell

Release Date:  March 10, 2016

Series: Sinful Serenade #3

Genres: New Adult, Romance



There’s a naked rockstar in my hotel room.

And he’s pierced.

Willow Denton needs to get out of town fast. Her only option is joining her brother’s band on tour. Ten weeks with misbehaved men doesn’t sound so bad. Until she walks in on the drummer naked and sporting a spanking new piercing. There’s no way the player rock star will ever think of her as more than his BFF’s little sister. Better to focus on her photography. As soon as she stops thinking about him in her bed, against the wall, in the backseat of his car…

Sinful Serenade drummer Tom Steele is a wrecking ball. Bossy. Pushy. Hot as the molten center of the Earth. He’s not afraid to use his body or his fame to get what he wants– a different girl every night of the week (and three on Sunday). The man may be a whore but he can control himself. He’s going to keep an eye on Willow, be her friend. That’s it.

Their sizzling sexual chemistry makes this whole platonic things hard.

But there’s no way he’ll cross the line with the girl he’s supposed to protect.


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Tom tears the tags off the black lace bra and panty set I bought at the department store. “I like your taste. Classy.”

My cheeks flush. I try my best to shift into professional mode. We’re in the handicapped stall of a dressing room, not a studio, but I can do this.

“Is the goal something we’re taking for our depraved pleasure or something that belongs on Instagram?” I ask.

“Either way.”

“They’re different. The former will be messy, more about the physical and less about the props or anything. But you’ve seen pictures on social media. People pose them, get their latte arranged next to their book, next to their plate of grapes. No one really sits that neatly. You know?”

He nods. “Pretty and smart. Picked a good fake fuck buddy.”

He’s thinks I’m pretty and smart. I’m not sure which is more flattering. I clear my throat to keep desire from swallowing me whole.

“I want it to look like you leaked this picture. It’s up to you.”

“Then I don’t need this.” I point to my camera, return it to my purse, and fish out my cell. “It should look heat of the moment. Like we were so desperate to fuck that we nearly ripped off our clothes.”

“This is why I need you, kid.” He pulls his t-shirt over his head and drops it on the floor. “Good?”

My gaze goes to his chest, his stomach, the soft tuft of hairs below his belly button. Very good. Great. Amazing.

I unlock my phone, open the camera app. “Maybe a few like this. Sorta… you stripping for me.”

He cocks a brow. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

“A woman should enjoy her work.”

Tom laughs. He motions to the waistband of his jeans.

“These too.”

“Not yet.” I snap a few shots of him, waist up. God, he’s yummy. Unbearably yummy. It’s practically objective.

I grab the bra and panties and toss them aside. Time to think like a photographer. If we were going to fuck in here, we’d have a few good options. There’s the seat. Big enough for me to climb on top of him. Or he could lift me and push me against the wall. Or turn me around and take me from behind.

A flush spreads over my cheeks and down my chest.

I pull my sweater over my head and toss it on the ground.

Tom’s eyes go to my exposed skin. My shoulders, my neck, my chest. His cheeks flush. He’s checking me out.

He wants me.

But he made it clear we’re only friends. I’m keeping this professional. Well, as professional as pretending to fuck in a dressing room can get.

I press my cell to my chest. “Come on. Let’s get posing. Grab me and press me against the wall.”

“Bossy all of a sudden.”

“Just do it.”

“As you wish, Mistress Photographer.” Tom slides his arms under my ass and lifts me. “Wrap your legs around me.”

I do. It puts us in quite the compromising position. He shifts, holding me against the wall. His crotch presses into mine.

“Not sure if this will come out well.” I hold my phone over my head, press my cheek against Tom’s to shield my face from the camera, and take half a dozen photos.

“Can’t complain about the working conditions.” He shifts his body into mine, pressing me harder against the wall.

God, that feels good. I take a deep breath so I won’t be totally red. “Can you set me down?”

He does. I focus all my attention on the pictures. Most of them are garbage—a whiff of hair or a strange angle on the floor—but a few are in the right direction. They focus on the tattoo spanning his shoulder blades, his arms around the mystery girl with short pink-tipped hair.

I show Tom the winners.

He points to something on the image. “Your straps are showing.”

I stare back at him, unblinking.

“Keep your top on, kid. But push the straps to your shoulders or something.”

“You better hope you’re right about Drew not seeing these.”

“I’m not worried about Drew. Push comes to shove, I can take him.” He motions for me to adjust my top.

I pull my tank and bra straps off my arms. They hang under my armpits. It’s unflattering from straight on, but it should work from overhead.

“Okay. Press me against the wall.” I brace myself for the slight impact.

“Mmm, so bossy.” He slides his arms around me and pulls us into position.

Somehow, we’re closer this time. I can feel his heart beating against my chest, his breath against my neck.

His lips brush my skin. His fingers dig into the fabric of my jeans.

I shift, trying to get comfortable, trying to focus on taking pictures. Click, click, click. Then another angle and a few more for good measure.

“Wllllw.” Tom’s voice is muffled. “Yrrr ttts rrr prsssd tooo myyy faaaa.”


He brings his hand to my shoulders and adjusts my position.

“Your tits are pressed into my face.”


“Not complaining. Just means… shit.” His grip around me tightens. He blushes.

Why is Tom blushing?

I squeeze his shoulders, trying and failing not to slip.


He’s hard.

His erection is pressed against my crotch. Lots of denim in between us but there’s no denying it.

Tom is hard.

My brain refuses to focus on anything else.

“Guess this is how actors feel when they shoot sex scenes.”

Tom blushes. He lifts me higher, so we aren’t pressed quite as closely together. “You want down?”

“No.” I take a deep breath. “Two more.”

He motions to my chest. “Be careful with those things. I can’t exactly get my rocks off with the salesgirl who was checking me out.”

“No? Why is that?”

“It’s not nice to tease a man who isn’t allowed to masturbate.” He smiles, confident, but still blushing.

“You look really cute with your cheeks pink,” I say.

“You’re blushing too.” He grabs my hips and holds me against the wall. “You know, the mall will close eventually.”

I bring my phone over my head and snap another set of pictures. Then I try a few from the side. “Okay. Let me down.”

Tom keeps me pressed against the wall as he shifts back, breaking the contact of our bodies. I slide down the wall, setting me feet down one at a time.

He’s still hard. I only barely manage to avoid gawking.

It’s really a marvel of denim technology that his jeans contain Tom is not at all shy about resting his chin against my shoulder to check out the pictures. It’s not as if he’s

intentionally rubbing against me. Just that he’s not avoiding me. Not at all awkward. It’s remarkable how comfortable he is with his body.

I go through the pictures, pointing out the winners and deleting the others. When we’re finished, he helps me get my straps back into position and sends the photos to himself.

“I’ll take care of leaking these.” He shifts into his clothes. “You okay, kid?”

“Yeah. Great.”

“Gotta say, that was the first time I ever paid to get hard.”

That only makes the blushing situation worse. “I… uh… well, that’s not really… exactly what you were paying for.”

Tom smiles. “You’re cute.”

“Uh… thanks.”

“Come on.” He slides his arm around my waist. “Let’s get out of here before I get any ideas that will get me into trouble.”

About the Author

Crystal Kaswell

Crystal Kaswell writes steamy new adult and erotic romance books. She loves when flawed characters fall head over heels for each other. Especially if they fall into bed first. She loves police procedurals, tea, and The Hunger Games series. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Find Crystal Kaswell online:

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