Off-Topic: Self-Disclosure

I’ve probably started this post a hundred times. Today is the day I’m publishing it. It’s time.

I don’t usually share many personal details here and I wouldn’t be publishing this now if I didn’t think I owe it to everyone who visits and follows Books, Coffee & Passion.

August was a terrible month to me, I was involved in a car accident, a drunken driver ran a red light and our car was in the way… the rest is history. My best friend was driving and she sustained multiple injuries but she’s recovering, I’m still in physical therapy but apart a broken jaw and a couple of screws in my knee, I’m ok. We were lucky. I know that. We know that. It’s been tough but we’re slowly moving on.

I’ve been trying to keep up but I have been struggling. Sometimes, it’s hard to read HEA romances when you’re struggling to recover from a dark split of a second that could have taken your life. Still, I know that we’re both blessed because we survived. I am very grateful that only some scars remain. I’ve been focusing my energy in healing, in walking again and helping my dearest friend in her path to recovery too.

The bottom line is that since August I haven’t been myself and, unfortunately I couldn’t keep all this from affecting my posts, reviews and the schedule here. I’ve rescheduled some tour dates that I’ve missed and even though I’ve been posting, mainly participating in tours scheduled a long time before any of this happened, and reviewing a few titles, I still have plenty of reviews that I left behind. I haven’t been able to review some books within the dates I was supposed to but I will review those titles in the next few days/weeks. I’ve got lots of e-mails that I need to read too and I’m committed to get back to a normal schedule. I’m going to sign up in a few tours, cover reveals and I’ll focus on getting my reviews on track too.

I hope I can make it up to all the authors, publishers, book tours organizers and followers that I’ve let down during this time. I hope all of you allow me to make it up for this last few months.

I’m sharing this with all of you not as an apology, but as an admission of my lack of commitment and a promise that I’m changing that. I am going to put Books, Coffee & Passion back on track again. This is my passion and I’m holding on to it. I hope I can hold on to all of you too.

Thank you for still being here with me and please stay for awhile.


4 thoughts on “Off-Topic: Self-Disclosure

  1. wow, I am so sorry to hear that…but its fantastic that you both survived and are on track to recovering fully. Sometimes life can get in the way, especially with a trauma like this. Hope things improve for ya.


    • Things are getting better every day, I have to admit that it was very hard for me to get used to such lack of independence, even though it was temporary. Things most people take for granted everyday, like walking or running or practicing sports… It’s huge. I’m recovering, not running or practicing sports yet but I will. Others won’t be walking or running or even waking up anymore after accidents similar to ours. It’s overwhelming and all of it caused by drinking and driving. It’s just unacceptable.
      Thank you.


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