Review: From Fake to Forever by Kat Cantrell

From Fake to Forever Kat Cantrell

From Fake To Forever by Kat Cantrell

Series: Newlywed Games #2

Release Date:  April 1, 2015

Publisher:  Harlequin

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Book description: Bride: Meredith, soon-to-be co-owner, wedding dress business
Marital Status: Victim, Vegas wedding mix-up
Action Required: Divorce, ASAP

After one night of tequila and sex, their impromptu Vegas wedding shouldn’t be valid. But Meredith Chandler-Harris just discovered she’s still tied to irresistible businessman Jason Lynhurst. She needs out of their marriage, but to become his company’s new CEO, he needs her as a bride. Let the newlywed games begin.

Review [possible spoilers]:

I fell head over heels in love with this book, my expectations were high because I loved Meredith in the first book of this series and Kat Cantrell totally nailed it!

Jason and Meredith got married in Vegas but they thought the marriage wasn’t valid. Two years later, Meredith wants to make a grown up move and invest in her sister business turning it into a partnership, but then she finds out that she’s still married to Jason. She has to tell Jason about it and asks him for a quick divorce. Jason immediately agrees because he’s engaged to another woman. But then Jason’s plans fall apart and he needs Meredith to help him out before signing the papers.

So, with sparks flying everywhere, the build up between them is incredibly good and their connection is really strong. Their dialogues are well written, I really liked that Meredith wasn’t afraid to ask questions and to press for answers. There were a few  times I wanted to smack Jason in the head but I could understand his hesitation, I think he had pretty valid reasons especially because I’ve struggled with some of his issues (it’s probably a children of divorced parents kind of thing). I really loved both characters and found myself reading it in one sitting because I honestly couldn’t put my e-reader down. I have to say that Kat Cantrell makes her stories so real that we can relate to her characters very easily and that’s what makes this series so great. I really hope there are more books coming in this series!

“Of course, Meredith had always been one of a kind. Her genuine smile hit him in the not-yet-cooled lower half, further proving the point. No woman had ever turned him on with simply a grin. Except his wife, apparently.”

“I said romance was for losers who couldn’t get a woman into bed. I didn’t need it to get you here. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think you deserve it.”

I received a copy of this book from the author.

Rating:  cup  cup  cup  cup  cup


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